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At Roubo and Sons LLC, we are proud to offer our clients a wide range of different heat pump systems to help keep their homes or commercial properties warm in the winter months and cool during the summer months.


Heat pumps, which are typically installed outside of the property, can take warm air from outside, compress it to increase its temperature, then release the stored heat back into the desired room. Don’t let the name of this system fool you, though; heat pumps can also be used as an air conditioner during the summer months by pulling cooler air from the outside as well when necessary.


Some of the heat pump systems that we can provide our clients include mini split heat pumps and Samsung heat pumps. So, no matter what type of heat pump your property needs, we are sure to have the right solution for you. Contact our team today to learn more about our selection of heat pumps or to schedule a heat pump installation service!


There are multiple benefits to using a heat pump for your property. Some of these benefits include:

A multi tool intended to convey the versatility of a heat pump


They can cool and heat your property.

composition of cozy winter day on wooden windowsil

Comfortable Heat

They can provide a gentle heat compared to the intense, dry heat of a furnace.

couple watching house energy efficiency


 They are 300% or more efficient compared to what a furnace or boiler can provide.

modern master bedroom with air conditioner

Save Space

By not utilizing duct work, heat pumps can save you space in your home.

love father and kid in air bed spending quality time

Air Quality

They can improve your indoor air quality.

thermostat home energy saving

Climate Control

You can control the temperature room-by-room in your home to increase comfortability and reduce energy waste.

pocket clock and some money scaling equally on a scale

Save You Time

 You no longer have to haul an AC window unit in and out anymore.

No matter your reason for switching to a heat pump for your property, our team is prepared to help you find the right one for you.

Samsung Heat Pump installed under stairs mounted to side of a house outside during a cold winter in Maine


Interested in learning more about our heat pump products?


Give us a call. We can go over our different heat pump options with you to help you choose the right one for your property.

We can provide our heat pump options to those throughout the Scarborough, ME; Saco, ME; Portland, ME; Falmouth, ME; Cape Elizabeth, ME; South Portland, ME; Buxton, ME; Westbrook, ME; and Gorham, ME areas.

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