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Heat Pump Water Heaters

 Heat pump water heaters are popular because they produce lots of hot water, help dehumidify, and can save more than $500 per year in electricity.

Heat pump water heaters work like air conditioners, but rather than moving heat from the room to the outdoors, they move heat from the room into the water tank.

Heat pump water heaters are sometimes called “hybrids” because in addition to a heat pump, they have traditional electric resistance heating elements for times when demand exceeds what the heat pump can produce.

Things to Consider

  1. Because of their noise and cooling effect, heat pump water heaters are better suited to basements than living spaces.

  2. They complement but do not replace dehumidifiers because they operate based on hot water demand not humidity levels.

  3. Condensate from the heat pump water heater must be drained, usually to a sink, drain, sump pump pit, etc.

  4. For optimum efficiency, install units in 10’ x 10’ or larger rooms with temperatures above 35°F.

  5. Recommended clearances from walls and ceilings should be followed to ensure adequate air circulation and access.

  6. Insulate the first few feet of incoming and outgoing pipe to minimize heat loss.

  7. Air filters should be rinsed regularly


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